“Coming out of your comfort zone is tough in the beginning, chaotic in the middle, and awesome in the end…because in the end, it shows you a whole new world.”                 Manoj Arora

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Let me ask you this, have you ever felt that you are keeping yourself within your comfort zone and if you think so then, why?

Why you are setting your limit if you know that you can go beyond that limit? DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.

I have heard from many people that they want to achieve big goals that are far from the life they are currently living, and it doesn’t mean that they can’t achieve their goals, I’m just saying how far they will go if they are not willing to change their system.

Without breaking the barriers of your life that is coming out of your comfort zone, how do you expect that you will achieve something big, you want to build a personality that everyone appreciates but you are not willing to act like the person you want to be then how do you think that your dreams will become reality.

Without stepping out of your comfort zone, you cannot expect to achieve even the short-term goals.

Since, our childhood we have been told not to take risks, not to try doing things which you’re not capable of but I always wondered that, how are people so sure about that what we are capable of or whatnot.

What rights do they have to decide what we can do or what we can’t, you decide that how much potential you are going to carry in yourself that will allow you to go outside of your comfort zone, and if you think that you can’t do something then do something about it, find a strong reason to do that thing because it’s your fear of comfort-zone which is holding you back.

Your comfort zone is your enemy

One of the biggest ironies I can think of is when you live life trying to stay comfortable, life will send you more and more discomfort. It’s true that life will send you more and more problems, life will keep handing you resistance, struggles, issues but it doesn’t mean that you give up or try to live like you can’t do better than what your current situation is, you will only be able to do better if you think you can do better.

You are not here on this planet to just sip your favorite drink and to watch NETFLIX, you are here to GROW. Because you have a purpose in your life and if you won’t make yourself uncomfortable, life will give you plenty of reasons to quit or to keep you in your comfort zone.

So, you have one of the two options, either you commit to constant and discomfort on your own accord and you become the master of your destiny, or your hand over the key, and you let life happen to you by default.

Do you think Steve Jobs started Apple without getting out of his comfort zone? Do your think that the biggest investors invest without any risk? Do you think top ATHLETES sleep their way to high performance? NO.

Then why are you giving in to wasting time with Netflix MARATHONS? and to CHRONIC PROCRASTINATION, why are you willing to do things just because your best friend told you to do all that without knowing if this is really helpful to you or not.

You have got be willing to make hard decisions. You’ve got to be willing to feel uncomfortable, to feel AWKWARD, to FACE   Rejection, to fail, to feel the pressure. You’ve got to be willing to face those things because that’s what is necessary for you to grow.

How many times have you looked at your life and said if I knew then, what I know now, I would live my life so differently. So, it is not possible then, that the life you are living now you would be living differently if you began to develop an awareness that you do not currently have?

Sometimes you decide to go beyond your limits and you set some goal to achieve it like, after completing the set of push-ups (e.g., reps of 12) you want to do 2 more repetitions or I can say you set a goal to drink water more than you were drinking yesterday, you try to read a book in 2 to 3 days.

Small goals are easier to achieve

Setting small goals and completing them is more important than setting big goals and not willing to do them because as soon as you set a big goal you will begin to realize that you have so and so problems in that work.

Setting a small goal and trying to achieve them, that’s how you come out of you comfort zone. Now I know it’s not that easy to break the habits which is being made in a year but what I am trying to explain is until you don’t decide to break your own limit you will not able to step forward in your life.

Ask yourself a question that last year what was the situation of your life, in what position were you in. What were the problems you were facing last year and let me tell you if all those problems you are facing now which you were facing last year and the situation of your life is similar to last year then you have achieved nothing in your life yet, instead you have just wasted one more year of your life?

Now you will think that everyone has their own lifestyle, deferent situation, different problems, But what I am trying to explain that if you are not willing to take a step forward towards your goals you are not going to get something in your life, doesn’t matter what the situation is. The moment you try to face your challenges is the moment you step into the next level of your life.


Sounds very common but this the only thing that will take you to your goal, the only thing which helps you to achieve your goals. You are only worthy of the life which you have chosen to live if you are not willing to give up.

Challenges will come, and challenges will go, the more problems you face, the more your character grows stronger. If you are not willing to give up and continue to believe in yourself, then a day will come when your challenges will give up, your problem will give up. Your SUCCESS will come, a life greater than you imagine is coming just keep pushing yourself forward.

Once during my school days, I was selected for the cluster in a 400-meter flat race, since I was a good athlete in my school so my Physical-Ed coach raised my name to represent the school in the cluster, after listening to this I was happy but at the same time I was scared because as now I was the only one competing in my school level but after being selected for cluster I have to prepare myself for cluster and for that I had to increase my speed, stamina and mindset which was required at that time.

At that time, I thought it was impossible to compete with state level and national level players and I didn’t have the proper equipment which is required for running. I also had my school and tuitions so it was impossible to take out time and practice for my competition, I practiced whenever I got time or else I didn’t, and one of the main reasons to take this opportunity as not granted is because I was thinking that I will be able to compete with those players as I was the best athlete in my school.

But you know what I was totally wrong, I was not even close to them, I watched many videos of cluster performances that have happened before and realized that what I had is not enough and to match the level of all those athletes I had to practice harder, I had to give more time than I was giving to my tuitions. I had only 2 weeks left for practice and to prepare myself for the competition.

I started my training too late but I knew that I could do this, so I used to run 1-2 hours every day so that I could increase my speed, strength, and stamina. I continued this for 4-5 days and the result achieved was very unexpected, I wasn’t able to improve myself in those 4-5 days, I was very upset and hopeless at that time because I started realizing that I might lose the only chance I had.

The next day I spoke to my father and shared all my problems with him, I told him that I wasn’t able to get enough time for the practice because I had school in the morning and tuitions in the evening so how is it possible to take out time for practice? I told him that I don’t even have those kits which I needed for the practice. I told him that at the starting I was very casual about this thinking that I can do this because it’s not too hard for me, eventually I shared everything that I felt at that time.

My father, smiling and glaring at me very calmly said, Son, I don’t see any problem in whatever you told me till now, tell me the real problems which you are facing because all these things don’t seem like a real problem to me. He said your mind is filled with your fears and excuses that you let all these things get into your mind. Not having spike shoes for running isn’t the problem, not having shoes is the problem. Not having ground with proper tracks isn’t the problem, not having ground is the problem.

My father made me realize that whatever the problem I have been thinking about till that time are excuses, not real problems, excuses that led to my comfort-zone which didn’t allow me to come out from my limits. I realized that if I have to achieve something in my life, then I have to sacrifice something, things that are stopping me to achieve my goals.

I started training myself again but this time I was more focused, more motivated, and most importantly my goal was very much clear to me. Instead of running 1-2 hours I started running 3-4 hours a day, in the morning I used to wake-up at 4:00 am and practice 2 hours and at evening after tuitions, I used to come home by running which is near about 20-22 km, and after that also I used to run few more laps in the ground.

I kept doing this until the day arrived, the day for which I had practiced very much, the day that might have changed my dreams into reality. The competition began with The National Anthem and with a song that lifted up my motivation. It started with a long race of 1600 meters and I just sat with the other audience and watched the race but at the same time I felt very nervous, I was thinking what if I couldn’t make it in top 3, what if the rest of the Athletes come out to be better than me, what if, what if and what if, that’s all I was thinking at that moment.

However, I tried to keep myself calm, waited for my turn, and finally got my player number which I had to stick on my chest before the race, and walked towards the ground. My category was under 19 and it was a 400 meters flat race. The first whistle was blown after which we took our positions and in the second one we had to unleash ourselves like a beast (just joking).

After everything is set, the second whistle was blown, and then I took my leap for the run. It didn’t matter to me who was in front of me or who was behind me, I kept running without thinking what will happen in the next 60 seconds, I just kept pushing myself with all I got.

When the race finished and all of us were breathing heavily an announcement was made with the position of the top two runners and the first number announced was the number on my chest.

I wasn’t able to believe that I came first and qualified for the semi-finals. I was pleased with that moment, it was a different feeling which I might not be able to explain to you, but I know that you will get it. The next day was the semi-finals and all of us had to fight for the top 8 positions to qualify for the finals, It was my turn, and just like the previous race I unleashed myself as soon as I heard the gunshot, but this time I couldn’t make in top 2.

I failed to reach in the top 2, as I came 3rd. There were four rounds of semi-finals each with 8 athletes and from each one of them, only 2 candidates were selected and hence I was out of the tournament.

It felt exactly the opposite when I won the first race but this time all the things were very unexpected to me, I cried a lot but I also felt happy for myself and even today that it doesn’t matter I win or I lose what matters to me is that I gave my best and I am proud of that because after the cluster I realized that I am not just a school-level athlete but I am better than that.   

You know Life begins at the end of your comfort zone, if I didn’t realize what my mistakes were and the difference between the real problem and the excuses then maybe I would have never come out of my comfort zone and would have been out in the first round of the tournament.

I shared this little incident of my life to make you realize that in our daily life how many excuses we give to ourselves thinking that these are the problems we have. I know that you might also have some problems but maybe those aren’t the real problems maybe they are just an excuse that you gave yourself.

The illusion comfort zone

We think that we live outside our comfort zone and we are achieving those daily targets that we have to achieve but in reality, it’s totally the opposite. you think that you are out of your comfort zone but in reality, your comfort zone makes you think like you won by keeping you inside your limits.

Many times, you do more work compared to what you have to do by making yourself comfortable but the next day either you take a break or you work less thinking that you have already done the overtime yesterday then why do I have to work more now

Making a trap of discomfort in your comfort zone then telling yourself that I am not in control of my comfort zone is a big mistake that we all make most of the time.

visualizing that you are not in control of your comfort zone and later on doing nothing, that’s not how we come out of our comfort zone. You have to be aware about of your true potential and true weaknesses, only then you will get to know which part of your life should be improved and this will lead you towards getting to know your comfort zone. you will know when you have to push yourself more.

So, at last I would like share a message that try to find your comfort in your discomforts because that’s where you get know about your true potential and real value and you might start respecting yourself more.

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