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Tiny Beautiful Things


Life can be tough, your lover cheats on you, you lose a family, people you trust fail you, you aren’t able to pay bills. But sometimes it can be great too, you’ve had the most passionate sex of your life, you get your wonderful job, you marshal the courage to write a novel. Every day in this world people go through the magnificent spectrum of life- but sometimes, a little advice is needed.

Empathy, perception, pure morality, and rich with comedy- Tiny Beautiful Things is a relief for everything life throws our way, administrated by the author of the New York Times- best selling memoir, wild.

Tiny Beautiful Things, Advice On Love & Life From Dear Sugar is a book written by the American author Cheryl Strayed. This book is a collection of essays compiled from strayed ” Dear Sugar ” advice column, which she wrote anonymously, on The Rumpus, an online literary magazine.

Anime Bender words on this book,” Powerful and soulful, tiny beautiful things is destined to become a classic of the form, the sort of book readers will carry around in purses and backpacks during difficult times as a token or talisman because of the radiant wisdom & depth within.” Aimee Bender is the author of the particular sadness of lemon cake.

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