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Think and Grow Rich


Think and Grow Rich, this famous and marvelous book was written by Napoleon Hill who was an American self-help author. Think and Grow Rich is one of the best-selling self-help books of all time.

This book is one of those books that you will ever read because it will change what you think and the way you think. As a matter of fact, it will change your life. Yet I will not tell you about how famous this book is or how much sales it did, what I am going to tell you is why this book is called one of the legendary.

Napoleon Hill was a journalist and writer at that time so, he was called to speak with Andrew Carnegie who was one of the richest people in history. Andrew gave him a chance to take an interview of 500 richest people in America. Over 20 years Napoleon Hill did the research on the lives and philosophies of those 500 people one by one and then he put all those results in a form of a book known as Think and Grow Rich.

Although there are thirteen chapters or call it a step towards success.

  1. Desire – The starting point of all achievement.

 2. Faith – Visualization of belief in the attainment of desire.

 3. Auto Suggestion – The medium for influencing the subconscious mind.

 4. Specialized Knowledge – Personal experience or observations.

 5. Imagination – The workshop of the mind. 

 6. Organized Planning – The crystallization of desire into action.

 7. Decision – the mastery of procrastination

 8. Persistence – The sustained effort necessary to induce faith.

 9. Power of the Mastermind – The driving force.

10. Mystery of Sex Transmutation

11. The subconscious Mind – Connecting link.

12. The brain – A broadcasting and receiving station for thought.

13. The sixth sense – The door to the temple of wisdom.

This was the first book that I read on the journey of my self-improvement. After that, I read many books related to self-improvement but this book is still a favorite of mine. That’s the reason I recommend you to read this book, who knows this book might become your favorite too.

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