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The Attention Revolution


Meditation provides, apart from many other benefits for achieving previously inconceivable levels of concentration. Author B. Alan has spent 30 years practicing meditation under the guidance of Dalai Kama.

Buddha meditation says that train the mind to ” not live in the past or contemplate about the future “. It lets the mind settle in the ‘now’ and allows us to see the beauty of the present.

The Attention Revolution: UNLOCKING THE POWER OF THE FOCUSED MIND is written by Bruce Allan Wallace who is an American author and expert on Tibetan Buddhism. His books represent eastern and western scientific-philosophical, reflective modes of investigation, generally focuses on the relationships between science and Buddhism.

In this book, the author tries to explore a systematic path of meditation to increase our capacity for endless concentration. Rewarding ” journey for the special purpose of the mind “, tracing everything from the order less mind at the lowest part of the trail to the special clear viewing and the power that comes with making it to the top.

Along the way, the author also provides stages in between and complementary practices for growing love, kind feelings for one in trouble, and clear viewing in our while awake and having uncontrolled thoughts in sleep is living. Attention is the key that makes personal change possible, and the good news is that it can be trained, this book shows that.

Some more books by B.Alan Wallace, The Way of the Bodhisattva: A Translation of the Bodhicharyavatara, Dreaming Yourself Awake, Buddhism With An Attitude, Stilling the Mind, Bridge of Quiescence, and many more.

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