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The term “psycho-cybernetics” is extracted from the Greek word, which means helmsman who steers his ship to port. The author composed this term with intention of using it to represent a way to guide your mind to a productive goal.

Psycho-cybernetics is a self-improvement book written by Maxwell Maltz, He was an American cosmetic surgeon. Since it was first published in 1960, Maltz’s has inspired and improved the lives of more than 30 million people, making it a long time bestseller by influencing many consecutive self-help teachers.

While attending to his patients, Dr. Maxwell experienced the essentials that having your expectations come true doesn’t automatically result in a more positive life experience. As a matter of fact, their outward appearance did change, but their inner insecurity remained.

The book brings a very honest and humbling story, loaded with a fundamental truth about our psychology and how our philosophy affects us. This is all told by a very gentle writer.

“Before the mind can work precisely, we must develop our viewpoint of the result we expect to reach. According to Maxwell Maltz this psycho-cybernetics. When the mind has a specific target it can concentrate and direct and then refocus and redirect until it reaches its intended goals”. –Tony Robbins(from unlimited power).

Some enormous concepts from psycho-cybernetics, Our actions are based on the personality that we have created of ourselves.

Imagination is the only thing that is responsible for success.

We are fascinated by negative thoughts.

We can encourage ourselves to be happy.

Seven factors that make a person successful and are a Sense of direction, comprehension, courage, charity, esteem, self-confidence, and self-assurance.

Being conscious of what causes failure is key to achieving success.

Be aware of your emotions and unleash your personality.

More books from Maxwell Maltz, The Search For Self Respect, The Magic Power of Self-Image, Creative Living for Today, Life Is What You Make It, etc.

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