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Mindsight – The New Science of Personal Transformation, this book is written by Daniel Siegel who is a clinical professor of psychiatry at the UCLA school of medicine and executive director of the mindsight institute. Daniel Siegel made the term ‘mindsight’ to narrate the innovative combination of brain science with the practice of psychotherapy.

For most of us, self-knowledge is truly hard to acquire and even more hard to accept. Brimming with methods, perceptions, and disclosure, this book accommodates everything you need to know to renovate your brain and to use its capacity of neuroplasticity in a most appropriate way.

In ‘Mindsight’ Daniel Siegel discusses the core principles and potential significance of “the new science of personal transformation” a process during which the brain creates itself or increases its capabilities to ” boost physical, emotional and social health “.

With the help of his clinical practice, Dr. Siegel demonstrates how Mindsight can be applied to reduce a range of psychological and social problems. Also with kindness and humor, he shows us how to learn the working of our minds, granting us to understand why we feel, think and act the way we do and how by following proper steps we can change the wiring and architecture of our brains.

These are some topics from this book which I like, “Hand model of the brain”, “The mechanism of mindlessness”, “A healthy mind: complexity and self-organization”,” A mindful approach to changing the mind”, “Awareness training and stabilizing the mind”,” Pattern of attachment”, “Making sense of the past to free the present”.

Absolutely Daniel Siegel is right to say that mindsight can allow us to “see the internal working of our own minds and it can also help us to increase our understanding and appreciating others through meaningful interaction with them and also it increases their understanding and appreciation for us.

Now if you haven’t read this book then I recommend you to read this book and learn the power of your mind because many of us don’t know how much our mind is capable of.

Some more books by Daniel J. Siegel, The Whole-Brain Child, Brainstorm – The Power and The Purpose of the teenage brain, No-Drama Discipline. The Mindful Therapist, The Power Of Showing Up.

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