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Man's Search For Meaning


Man’s Searching For Meaning (in German- A Psychologist Experience The Concentration Camp) is written by Viktor Frankl, published in 1946. Victor Emil Frankl was an Austrian Neurologist and Psychologist. A Holocaust Survivor and a founder of Logotherapy. He is the author of over 39 books and he is well known for his best-selling book Man’s Searching For Meaning.

This book shares Frankl’s experience when he was a prisoner in Nazi Concentration Camps during world war 2 and also describes his psychotherapeutic method, which involved analyzing a purpose in life to feel confident about and then visualizing that outcome.

Man’s Searching For Meaning aspires to answer questions ” How everybody’s life in a concentration camp reflected in the mind of the average prisoner?”. The first part of the book establishes Frankl’s inquiry of his experience in the concentration camps. whereas the second part introduces his idea of meaning and his theory called Logotherapy.

Frankl describes three psychological reactions accomplished by all prisoners to one degree or another.

The first reaction is the shock during the initial acceptance(admission) phase to the camp. It describes the savagery(cruelty) every prisoner suffers at concentration camps. Frankl’s being one of them for three years. Finally, on being released, prisoners felt depersonalized at first and later demonstrate strong symptoms in different ways.

The second reaction is indifference after becoming addicted to camp existence, in which the prisoners value only that which helps themselves and their friends survive.

The third reaction is depersonalization, moral abnormality, harshness, and disappointment if he survives and is discharged.

More books are written by Victor Frankl, The Will To Meaning, Yes To Life In Spite of Everything, The Doctor & The Soul, The Unheard Cry For Meaning, etc.

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