About Us


MYBOOKFLEX purpose is to help you choose a book that will change your life in every way.

Since, our childhood we have been used to reading books, magazines, news which have not been beneficial to us. We read all those things because somebody asked us to and that’s how many of us started hating books as they started looking like some boring stuff to us over movies, social media, music, etc.

But what if I tell you that this is not true, that books are not boring, that it’s about what type of book we prefer. There are lots of books which you will love to read. Many of us don’t like to read books is because we don’t know the kind of book that we want to read. 

When I was a kid I used to read many books and the reason I loved to do that is that every book seemed very exciting and interesting to me, I became curious to know all the information available in the various books, and that’s how my journey began.

But as I was getting older my interest in reading books started to fade away. It wasn’t much similar to my younger version, because school books started to feel very boring to me and it is the same for you, maybe you too didn’t like reading the school books. 

Sometimes we never have a chance to choose a book which we like to read and it’s not that books we read in school are bad, not good enough for us or they don’t teach us well. School books are based on a particular subject and once we clear that subject we don’t read that again, school books are not good enough to teach us the aspects of life.

There are thousands of books that will show you the path to your goals. These books are written to teach you a lesson of lives, a book that helps you solve the real-world problems that you will face in your life and help you to improve yourself in every aspect of your life. All these books show us the journey of different people in the world who are successful in their lives.

MYBOOKFLEX provides you all-time best-selling books that carry the life experiences of people who have written the book. Our goal is to realize how books are one of the important parts of our life and how we can achieve success in our life through them. 

mybookflex suggests different categories of books to read that include Self-help books, Business, Action and Adventure, Fantasy, Historical Fiction, Romance, Comic Books, and Graphical Novel, Fitness, and many more.